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What are the models and what's th difference?

We have 2 models of franchising

  • A Master franchise

  • A unit franchise

As a master franchisee, you would have jurisdiction over the entire country, but as a unit franchisee, you'll be entitled to operate in only one location.

What courses do we offer?

Our courses are vocational in nature done over 3-6 months time and come with a Job Guarantee and Government Support in all the countries that we are operating in. 95 percent of our business comes from the government alone. Also, we have been able to place almost all of our trained students to date.

We have over 1000 vocational courses in various domains like cell phone repairing, IT Hardware, software, Networking, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Agriculture, Health and Beauty, Telecom, Nursing, Management, construction, Auto, Fire fighting, and others.

Why become a franchise?

Taking up a franchise means, you are replicating an already successful business model. This saves you from the pain of trial and error. Also, in the education industry goodwill matters, while it might take a start-up years to earn handsome revenue and establish their brand name. Whereas a school franchise already comes with an established brand name, thus it takes less time to start gaining a return of investment.

Orion is ahughly trusted global brand operating in more than 31 countries in 4 continents worldwide and has successfully trained and placed millions of students.

What is required of you?

As a Franchisee business partner, your kind self will run your own center and identify other centers in other potential areas. The revenues incoming would be shared between yourself and us. We are typically looking at around USD 2 Million in 5 years from the various streams like Retail, e-learning, Corporate training, University Alliances, School Alliances, and Government orders

Depending on the model that you choose, besides a one- time franchisee fee, you would also be required to have an optional 100 Sq Meters of furnished space and a staff of just around 3 people (Including Yourself).

Why is our education model?

Recently, due to the advancement in the speed of the internet and technology, it is now possible to give long-term courses over the internet in a blended learning model. 80 percent of the teaching would be done live online by our highly acclaimed trainers and the remaining 20 percent would be facilitated at your end.  We offer A to Z holistic support in getting admissions, Training, student management, placements, corporate training, Government and School contracts.

What are the next steps?

Once you decide to go ahead, we'll sign the MOU. Once the MOU is in place(by paying the initial security deposit), we will invite you to India on a 2 day visit( If required) where you will be meeting our company staff , visiting our various franchisee centres so as to have a complete feel of how this business has to be implemented. We will also develop a thorough business plan for implementation thereof. Needless to say, during your stay all your local expenses would be borne by our company . The international ticket would be borne by you.

Please note you also have the option of finishing the induction and training online during pandemic.Subsequently, Well sign the franchisee agreement with you within 45 days

Right from the beginning, well give you the provision of the Video conferencing license, do staff training, customise the courses and our state of art Student Management and training ERP and the website.

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